About Us

Make some noise! Take a picture. It lasts longer.

I'm an independent artist who dabbles in the field of audio and video production, photography, and game design. For independent artists like myself, it can be hard to find or afford the resources we need to create the project we envision. I want to do my part in helping other artists obtain the resources he or she needs to make an artistic dream come true.

In my home studio and in the world, I record and edit sound effects that are more often than not free-of-charge.  In return, all I ask is that you share your completed project with me, whether it be a digital copy of your game, film, or music.  If by chance you paid for a sound effect on my site, there is no obligation to share your finished work with me, as any and all of my sound effects are royalty-free.

I'm always open to collaboration and interested in working with you on your project, as long as the collaboration is a fair and equitable arrangement. I'm happy to take requests for custom sound effects and remixes, though I am unable to offer those without charge.

Where my sounds and videos come from:

I record my own video, or create the effects in Adobe After Effects and any related plugins. Think Trapcode Particular, Form, Mir, etc.

I record my sounds either in my home studio or out in the world. I'm fond of the NT2 and DR-100 MK2 as essential pieces of mobile recording gear, along with the various cables, boom poles, and shockmounts that go along with them. Though I have other gear I use, those are my two main pieces. I edit and convert the sounds to various formats using Adobe Audition CC.

Other sounds and videos I compile from sources that allow you to use for free in your commerical or non-commercial project. I love creating effects; you, as the independent filmmaker, may not want to worry about finding, creating, or having to pay for the effects you use in your next project. I give away what I can, and survive on ad revenue and the sales I make on my web site.

What file formats do you have available?

Many of our sounds are available in OGG, MP3, and WAV formats. Some may be available in only one or another, depending upon when they were created.

Video effects are most often MP4, but higher end versions, such as those with alpha transparency, may be MOV or AVI files.


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